At Portico, we believe that Every Story Matters.

A Message from the Executive Director, Laura Messick

We rejoice and thank God for the great decision handed down by the Supreme Court last Friday. Many years of diligently seeking God and praying for His divine mercy upon our nation have resulted in this amazing outcome, and we are so thankful.

The state of TN passed a trigger bill in 2019 in anticipation of such a time as this. That means that our state will revert to a no abortion state within 30 days from the date of the decision, with the sole exception of the life of the mother.

We know that the needs of pregnant women will not change. Women will still find themselves in unplanned crisis pregnancies, and they will still need the support and help that Portico and our sister centers across the nation offer. We know that there will be many places that continue to offer access to abortion, and we still want to be here to offer a listening ear, real, needed resources and support, and the truth of God’s love and His gospel message to any woman who needs us.

We also know that the scrutiny and pressure around pregnancy centers will not stop, in fact, it will only increase, and already has. You may have heard of the battle many centers across the country have found themselves in: upwards of 50 centers have been vandalized and attacked, some very seriously. In fact, our sister center in Nashville was targeted just days after the Roe decision. Fortunately, the Molotov cocktail that was thrown through a window did not explode, so we thank God for minimal damage, and that  no one was hurt.

Many centers, including ours, are increasing and adding layers to the security of our buildings. It is as sad statement of our time that this is necessary, but we will not back down from advocating for life, and supporting women, men and families who need us.

 The family is the foundation of God’s plan for all of us, and we must do all that we can to encourage healthy and Godly relationships that lead to stable families. That benefits children and all of society, and honors God.

Please pray for us as we navigate through uncharted waters. Please also pray that abortion will become unthinkable in our nation, and that we will return to a place of recognizing that we are all created in the image of God. At Portico, we believe that EVERY life has value and purpose, and we will continue to stand for that truth in everything we do.

Standing for Life,

Laura Messick
Executive Director