Would you like to have some guidelines for a healthy pregnancy? Well, here we go!

DO take your prenatal vitamin every day, particularly in the first trimester. A lot of baby development is going on during that time.

DO exercise during your pregnancy unless it is contraindicated by disability or your physician. Even walking for a few minutes a day can improve your health.

DO eat a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, lean protein, and dairy.

DO follow your doctor’s advice. He/She evaluates many things about the progression of your pregnancy and your health status.

DO enjoy the companionship of friends and family members that will be supportive and encouraging to you during your pregnancy.

DON’T indulge in alcohol, tobacco, and drugs during your pregnancy. If you are a smoker try to reduce your smoking or stop all together. We really don’t know of safe alcohol levels during pregnancy, so avoid drinking. Of course, drugs are not safe for you or baby.

DON’T get tattoos while you are pregnant. You wouldn’t want any type of infection or complication to deal with while you are pregnant.

DON’T over eat during pregnancy. You may find that you have a “big appetite” but try to choose healthy snacking foods without a lot of caffeine and sugar. Your doctor will be monitoring your weight and provide healthful suggestions.

DON’T spend time with abusive people. Your focus should be on being healthy for both yourself and your baby. Mental and physical abuse is harmful and damaging.

DON’T miss out on all the fun and excitement there is to have while you are expecting! Read about helpful hints on parenting, and baby development . Find a friend or friends that are pregnant and share the journey.

Do have a great time enjoying your newborn and if we can help, don’t hesitate to call!

C. Harrelson, Nurse Manager.